18th CRYOGENICS 2025

IIR International Conference

April 7-11, 2025

Consent to the processing of personal data (GDPR)

By filling in and sending my personal datas ie. data as first name, family name, e-mail address, affiliation (incl. country), address, gender (hereinafter the “Personal Data”) into the registration form on the Cryogenics 2021 conference web page and by acceptance of this consent on the registration form

I, as the participant on the conference 17th Cryogenics 2023 hereby grant to the ICCEX s.r.o.,  with registered office at Notečská 561/16, Praha 8 (hereinafter referred as the "Controller"),

free and informed consent in accordance with Art. 5 Sec. 4 of the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendment to Some Acts (hereinafter the "Act"), with processing of my Personal Datafor purposes of the organization of the professional conferences  organized by the Controller; based on this consent the Controller is also entitled to pass my Personel Data to the next organiser of the Cryogenics conference.

I declare that I have been duly and comprehensively informed by the Controller about my rights pursuant the Act, that:

  1. provision of Personal Data is voluntary and that I can whenever revoce this informed consent with my Personal Data processing,
  2. if I request information on the processing of Personal Data pursuant Sec. 12 of the Act, the Controller is obliged to provide me with this information without undue delay (for provision of this information the Controller shall be entitled to require a reasonable reimbursement not exceeding the costs necessary for provision of information),
  3.  if I find or presume that the Controller is carrying out my Personal Data processing in contradiction with the protection of my private and personal life or in contradiction with the law, in particular if the Personal Data are inaccurate regarding the purpose of their processing, I may ask the Controller for explanation, or require from the Controller to remedy the arisen state of affairs (namely to ask the Controller to block, to repair, to add or to delete my Personal Data). If my request pursuant the frist phrase is found justified, the Controller is obliged to remove without delay the improper state of affairs. If the Controller does not comply with the request, I have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection

The consent is granted for all of the information contained in the registration form collected and processed solely for purposes of processing registration and accommodation requirements for the IIR Cryogenics conferences and for sending commercial messages to the data subject via electronic means. This agreement should not exceed 5 years and can be cancelled at any time upon request. Summarized data from the registration form may be used by the organization for statistical purposes and for internal use.

Agreement is required in the registration form.